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Purchased a TW64S Actrivity tracker/heart rate monitor. It was received relatively quickly. I connected it to the charger for 4 hrs. prior to use. It worked fine for 3-4 hours and died. It would light up whenb connected to the charger and stay on for about half hour after disconnecting from the charger but do nothing. TinyDeal contacted. Had to take a video of the device showing that it did nothing. Video could not be sent to TinyDeal. It had to... Read more

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i payed for product & have not recived it. tracking number was false . have emailed.5 times & still no reply. dont buy from this theving company. be warned. new zealand buyer/ ripped off.. here is my proof of a item i never recived. this is a email they sent me after i payed for my item witch NEVER ARIVED Conversation opened. 1 read message. Skip to content Using Gmail with screen readers 28 of 132 Dear James Thickpenny ,Shipping Notification... Read more

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I wish I saw this page before I made an order with TinyDeal. TinyDeal refused to exchange a defective item for one that works properly. First, the scammer who goes by the name of Crystal, offered to ship a replacement when I spend $10 or more in my next order... after I refused - then he/she offered to give me a 40% refund and told me that I would not have to return the defective item. WTF??? :- DO NOT ORDER FROM TINYDEAL!!! If they send you... Read more

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I've had the misfortune to order from this company, TinyDeal. I expect that if they manage to deliver a non defective item to you , you will skip and miss my review. BUT Woe if the item is defective. TinyDeal take what ever steps to avoid providing a refund, Instead preferring to give you refund for further shopping mistakes on their website. I had to resort to PayPal to resolve the issue but I still was forced to pay for the refund of the... Read more

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They send me a coupon only for those who bought from TinyDeal on specific days, I order the item with that coupon, and got order confirmation. But few days after completed the order, they said is out of stock and didn't agree to give instead another item (yes, you can choose any time but pay the full price). No matter how many times I wrote them the ignored my claims and keep suggesting I will choose another item and pay full price. I must say... Read more

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Ordered a 5600Mah Power Bank received damaged Power Bank with Damaged USB Connection on the Power Bank. Also Non Working LED. The Case Was Badly Scratched and sent in just a plastic bag. No paperwork no instructions no details or box like the photos on their website. Contacted them gave them the details of the issues and attached photos as required got a response to please tell them what is wrong and send photos. Already did that why should I do... Read more

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Tiny Deal is no deal. First off all of the stuff here is of third rate Chinese manufacture. Second If you have to return an item you will find that the postage due will exceed to cost of your item in most cases. Third If you receive a defective product you will have to give various hard to find numbers pictures and even VIDEOS to show that it doesn't work. After the finally accept your claim they try to play lets make a deal to get more money,... Read more

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Not purchase any items from Tiny ……they cheaters they accept money through credit card not refund money if they not able delivery items. They delay delivery above 180 days and will say will not able refund your than they start excusing to pay .They show on website just to deduct money from credit card and not delivery your items..... I have personal experiences above one year. still they not reply …just playing in their points. Avoid... Read more

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I returned my cell phone for repair, but due to high repair cost i dont want to repair. I told it at tinydeal customer sevices. Since than they are not replying my mails nore they did send my phone. I have been waiting for my phone but nothing happend. It is just cheating with customer.

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I bought a phone from this site. When I order it it was stated that it is in stock. Then in a week or so they wrote on their site that it is on pre sale and that it will be in stock next week. When that date was reached they changed the date for another 10 days. When you write to them you get only short answer like ''please wait''. Now I'm still waiting and i think that phone will never arrive, or it will arrive defective and money refund is... Read more

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